The term “Bulk Purchaser” shall mean and include Purchasers for resale and Purchasers of four (4) or greater items of the same Merchandise SKU. Shumi reserves the right to refuse, restrict, limit, cancel or alter orders and the terms of purchase and return applicable to Bulk Purchasers at any time.

Bulk Purchasers who engage in the purchase of selling and reselling Shumi merchandise may not use any trademark, copyright or copyrighted materials, models or other intellectual property of Shumi without first obtaining written permission to do so. This means that Bulk Purchasers may not use Shumi’s company name, trademarks or copyrights in a manner that implies a sponsorship or endorsement by Shumi, or hold themselves as an affiliate of Shumi or any of its brands.

Bulk Purchasers may not return any Merchandise.  All sales of Merchandise to Bulk Purchasers are final. Customers of Bulk Purchasers may not return Merchandise to Shumi.

Bulk Purchasers will not be entitled to the benefit of Free Protectors on 4" POPs, Mint Condition, damage replacements or reimbursement, discounts, and lost packages reporting.