Due to the nature of the business, we might not always receive our shipments at the same time as our competitors. 

Sometimes we receive our stuff early, sometimes around the expected release date (release dates are not always accurate and are subject to change).

Funko Products:
-Funko manufacturer products in waves based on demand.  Not every retailers will get their shipment in the first wave.  The first wave is generally reserved for big retailers.
-Funko ships inventory to different retailers at different times.

-Big Box Stores (HT, Box Lunch, Walmart, Gamestop, etc..) gets their shipment directly from the factory in China or Vietnam.

-Our shipments come from Funko in Seattle.   Funko has to wait for their shipment from the factory in China or Vietnam, then they ships our orders to us.

-Since our order are fairly large, it is sometime split into multiple waves.  We fulfill pre-orders when we receive our shipment from Funko.


Good Smile Company: